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    The Dow Jones industrial average was off 10.74points, or 0.07 percent, to 15,544.87. The Standard & Poor's 500Index edged up 0.02 points, or 0.00 percent, at 1,690.27.The Nasdaq Composite Index added 5.69 points, or 0.16percent, to 3,610.88.
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    Andrews cleared Griffin for practice shortly before the start of training camp in late July, but Shanahan said the doctor recommended Griffin not practice at full speed nor play in the preseason. Griffin, who says he's close to 100 percent, has publicly lobbied to do both, saying he disagrees with and doesn't fully understand Shanahan's practice plan.
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    Save the Children and other NGOs are working to provide food and water, but their efforts fall tragically short of meeting the vast need. Humanitarian workers become targets, as well, causing delays that hamper the ability of the international community to deliver aid.
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    Errors like that give fodder to pro-gun advocates because they realize that the reporter has very little knowledge regarding firearms and obviously did not research their subject very well, if at all. They then discredit the report and try to make the reporter seem as if they are an “anti-gun nut”.
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